Top Direct Sales Superstar Interview... What she thinks works

Excerpt from Top Sellers Tell...Top Direct Sales Professionals Tell How They Achieved BIG Success!
From our interview with one Direct Sales Superstar! 

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What are your top tips for a fun, profitable party?

Put the focus on the hostess and the guests there. It is more important to know their names and to make them feel good, than it is to know every detail about the products that are being presented.  Have fun, be brief and be gone ... and if so, they will come back for more!

What advice can you offer to someone looking for a direct sales company to join?

Find a company that has products that you enjoy and can feel comfortable sharing.  The best business is a "consumable" product business because you make instant profit and people will re-order in the future.  Research to make sure that the company has a good hostess program which will create bookings and that the management program is achievable and lucrative for their future.


What about strategies for success? In your opinion, what will help someone succeed in a direct sales business? Many start, but only a few will attain success while others drop out. Why?

Answered in various questions above, but they need to be able to learn self-discipline and to take the work steps involved in order to have their dream.  Too many think it is going to be too easy and they don't invest in themselves with training and doing the "daily disciplines" such as making a contact list, and making consistent phone calls to build their client base.  At the first challenge or the first disappointment, they give up rather than reaching out to their Manager or Sponsor and asking what they can do differently in order to become successful.

What about managing your day-to-day business? How do you stay focused on growing your business when laundry needs to be done or other distractions beckon?

By having a "to do" list and trying your best to stick to the priorities that will build your business.  There will always be distractions, but ask yourself "Does this really need to be done now?" or "Is this an effective use of my time?"  Is it building work or is it busy work?  If it is busy work, then try to delegate it - whether it is paying someone such as a high school student to help part-time or involving members of your family to help so that your business truly can be a family business where they cannot only contribute, but also feel a part of the success and feel good about the benefits received.

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