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Interview with WAHM Prosperity Coach Grace Rozankovic

1.    Tell us about your business opportunity--what do you represent?

Well I am a Work At Home Mum Coach (WAHM Coach) & Network Marketer while staying at home looking after my two kids under the ages of three. 

Basically, I joined this particular network because it was a nice little package and in my eyes had it all - the products and tools I needed to get started.  And it was a low start up cost initially but once I got going my vision started to expand and upgrade within a month lol.  It gave me a platform to express myself and education on how to grow as a person and in my business direct with the ability to leverage and earn money along the way.  

I essentially am helping other stay at home mums to get started and assist in any way possible as it has been very rewarding for me and has changed my life completely. 

Nope I am no millionaire! Lol Yet!  But my Vision, Purpose & Why out way any possibility of failure.  In my eyes there is no plan b now!  And want to help others who have the same desire to succeed.


2.    How long have you been involved with this? How did you get into it?

I came from the corporate world of being a Business Analyst and was earning really good money but we (my husband and I) decided to opt out of returning to this once we started having a family – my dream ultimately was to raise my own children and be a successful business woman! Lol  

So I started investigating online as most people do and Us stay at home mums become pretty proficient in doing this amongst, nursing our babies, household chores, preparing dinners, mashing baby food and the list goes on!  

I came across this organization and truthfully stayed on the side line while I watched many people, ordinary people make tons of money.  So eventually I just ended up opting in as of April 2013 as I found someone in my home town participating and thought to myself – its time.  

Funnily enough some of my close circle of friends are from all over the world so I learned quickly that it actually doesn’t matter where you reside because we are all connected via this amazing tool called the internet and Facebook has become our my new office (virtual office!). 


3.    What type of team members are you looking for?

I am looking for people who wish to align themselves with a community of like minded entrepreneurs that all want to show you exactly how to create a fulltime income from part-time blogging so that you can spend the majority of your time building YOUR dreams instead of someone elses.  It is definitely not easy.  But if you are coachable, ready to learn the steps to plug in then we have the products and tools to get you started. You do not need to know everything when you first get started.


4.    What is special about your business/team?

Well, when you join my team you also join the Prosperity Team which is one of the fastest growing teams within the Empower Network.


We have an amazing team site that provides the following bonuses at no extra cost:

1.    Daily live coaching webinars headed by 6&7 figure earners

2.    Daily assignments set for members with step by step instructions to take your business to the next level

3.    Weekly live hangouts

4.    Multiple sales funnels to capture leads

5.    Large amount of follow up landing pages with testimonials, promos, sales videos, and training to send out to your leads to convert them to sales.

6.    Entire suite of marketing resources to help you get know how to market your business

7.     Personal Business Assistants

8.    Access to done for you traffic

9.     LIVE team events

and much more….

5.    How can people who are interested find you?

Interested parties can connect with me on facebook and send me a message (I’m on facebook daily)


We also have a Womens Lounge hangout open to anyone:



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