GROW BIG: 60+ Ideas for Party Plan Profits

Just updated 2013~

Excerpt from GROW BIG

What do top direct sellers have to say about success?

Market everywhere!  The more marketing sources you have, the more leads you will have coming in!  2.) Ask this simple question of show guests--"Have you ever thought of having a home-based business?, 3.)  Teach new team members to recruit right away.  It instills confidence and keeps them excited!  Tracey P., Utah 

My biggest mistake? Not being committed to my business from the very start. Pam W., Arkansas 

Goal setting and determination to make it no matter what the cost. Really work your business every week day and find out what things you can do to have the greatest impact on your business that day. While doing that, you teach others to do the same and realize they have goals and dreams like you. This business could be just what they need and I will help them every step of the way. Wendy H., Arizona 

Leads groups? It can be scary but it makes you come out of your shell! Dawn R., Maryland 

Regarding hostess coaching: Keep in constant contact with the hostess. It’s very important to keep her enthusiasm up. Book in close to avoid cancellations. Lorian R., Florida 

What keeps me motivated? I have pictures up in my office of all the things I want! Lora G., Massachusetts

In recruiting, I find what works best is to be persistent, don't give up, have fun doing it.  Also on being myself and being truthful. Louise C., North Carolina

Don’t spend a lot of money on advertising while your business is still small. Rely on person-to-person contact. It’s the most important thing. Kim R., Utah 

Drop a stake in the ground. Believe in your business and yourself 100% and then be persistent. If you dig your stake in the ground far enough, it won’t fly away at the first rough weather. Regina G., OR
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