WAHMs: How to Stop the ANTs and Inspire At Your Parties

Do those ANTs go through your head about your business?

Automatic Negative Thoughts is what they are, and they are killers!

You know the ones:

If I were smarter/richer/more energetic, I'd be successful!
If I could talk to people easier/be fearless/network more, I'd have a big team/make more money/be set for life...

We all have them.

They prey on our brains.

However, keep in mind...despite this economy,  it can be tough to get bookings, and in this world right now, people are not apt to want to pull our their wallets and buy non-necessities (no matter how great you feel your products are). Things that don't put food on the table aren't really bouncing around in a happy fashion.

And yet, especially in a sluggish, insecure, bummer economy, we need our little businesses and the world needs what you have to offer! Why? Because not only does it keep us hopeful and alight, it keeps everyone else the same.

For example, if you have a party and bring joy and fun to women who participate for two hours, teach them something, show them something new, it helps to lift everyone out of the doldrums of life. And...if you can pass that along with the chance for them to do it for others...well, imagine the happiness just one little party can possibly bring overall!

When you're feeling down about your business and its potential, remember this: You bring fun, happiness and positivity to the world...even if it's only a few people at a time. Get THAT point across at your parties and you'll not enjoy it more yourself, you'll see a rise in recruiting.

We all want to make ourselves happy and bring happiness to others (or at least, we should). This is one way you can put it into practice right now.

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