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Direct Sales Superstars: Top Sellers Tell How They Achieved BIG Success

Sales: From Secret to Sensational.

Whatever you call it, direct sales ultimately rests in the ability to get a product to another for money. It’s pretty simple. It isn’t wrong or illegal or even unpleasant, but some reps who work in direct sales just cannot seem to get past the idea that they are just that…in a sales position. They may not want to call themselves a direct sales representative. The industry often uses the term “consultant” or some other non-sales title.

However, any mental block a person may have regarding sales can change rather quickly. When the sales and re-orders pour in, the term “sales” may become less scary and even enjoyable to anyone who may have been uneasy with the title. A party with $500.00 in sales can leave a rep driving home with a smile on her face. A $75.00 sales re-order will elicit a sincere happiness in her chosen profession. It doesn’t take much to get past the off-putting image a new rep may have had of sales. It just takes a few solid sales and the ability to get more. The profit can also be quite impressive. The figures can start adding up allowing for a rep to proudly assert “I’m a direct sales professional and it’s a great job!” It can be a sensational feeling when you finally understand the power of this career.

If a few strong sales are all it takes to get a rep from start to successful, then what’s so tough? The problem seems to lie in not getting some initial sales, but in keeping that momentum going. Initially, a rep is excited and tells everyone about her new business. She shares how much she enjoys the products and usually a friend or relative will have a show or party to get her started. If the rep is motivated and courageous, she books more from that party. This will ensure she has another sales event in which to profit and build her business. However, if she is afraid to ask or doesn’t show the party guests and the hostess how advantageous having a show can be (free gifts, special treatment, etc.), she will likely go home wondering how in the world she’s going to get this business going. This is the thought process that leads to drop outs.

The sellers in this book obviously had a similar thought or two early in their career. They persisted on to find their own way to make it in this business. As you make your way through this book, you’ll obviously see some characteristics you share with these sellers. You’ll identify with some more than others. Hopefully you will understand that while they’ve taken the steps to act and follow through on the traits that made them successful, these traits are not that unique. They run in varying degrees in nearly everyone. It’s just a matter of refining, finding systems that work, and powering forward to get what you want.

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