WAHMS: How to "get the job" as a personal consultant

Get The Job 

(From our book, GROW BIG 60+ Ideas for Party Plan Marketing)

When approaching new prospects for their business have you considered that you are really asking them for a job? You want to be their personal rep for whatever it is you sell. You are asking them to hire you and provide them with products and services. Therefore you may consider presenting them a “resume” to get the job. 

Develop a “sales resume” for yourself. Write it up like a standard resume, but you can be more creative with colors, adding photographs, etc. State your objective: To be your personal ___(company)___ Consultant. 

State your experience, education, etc. Even if you are new in business, you will have had some training from your company and a little experience working parties. If you have happy customers, add them as your references (be sure to check with them first before giving out their name and contact info).  

Make it interesting and a little witty. Add a picture of yourself working a sales party or providing services. This is fun marketing piece that your customer should enjoy. Hand it out during your sales parties. List your services, skills and products. Ask for the job at the bottom of the resume:

As your personal __________ Consultant
I will work hard to provide excellent service and products!

Hire me today and receive (a free gift, discount, gift with purchase, etc.)!
Mail this to your prospects and follow up in a few days to see if you got the job!Read more from GROW BIG!



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