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6 Wealthy WAHM Tips for Home Business Profits

If you're in business at home and you're a WAHM, here are 6 tips for you:

1. Dedicate your work space. This means don't try to build a successful business on your kitchen table or counter. Give yourself the gift of space just for your business. It will make a difference.

2. Don't let your kids answer your phone during work hours. If your using your home phone for business, then YOU must answer all calls or have them sent to voicemail. Kids answering = unprofessional.

3. Try to work when no one is around. You'll do your best work when alone and have no interruptions. Schedule your work day when you are guaranteed to be alone.

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4. Set work times. This is often advice given, but not heeded (even by this writer). It's easy to work "whenever," but if you set times, you'll feel more in control and less controlled by your business.

5. Do one thing marketing-oriented every day. This doesn't mean posting to Facebook. This means doing something that is revenue-generating every day. If it doesn't have the potential to equal sales, it isn't marketing-oriented. (That means Twitter is NOT marketing oriented unless it's strictly business.)

6. Finally, pay yourself every week. Even if it's only $5.00. Take that $5.00 and do something special just for you. Don't just shove  it in your wallet or buy your kids a video. It's your earnings, so make it important.

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